Who are the Turners

We are Greg and Kelly Turner, Seattle residents since 1987.  I have lived in the Pacific Northwest all of my life and am known to say “I didn’t mind the weather for the first 50 years but now the long grey winters are getting to me”  it’s time to look for someplace new, at least for winters.  I am a retired attorney having decided at age 58 that I have worked long enough.

A cold beer with a few thousand friends

I am a recent convert to the FIRE mentality.  (Financial Independence Retire Early).  I don’t know if the money will last forever but we have saved and sold almost everything we have and are willing to take the risk and see what happens.  We will tell you in a couple of years if it is financially possible and whether we love a nomadic life on the road.

Kelly recently retired from nursing having split her working time over the past 30 years between the neonatal intensive care unit at the University of Washington medical center and as a flight nurse with Airlift Northwest.  Two intense, rewarding and stressful jobs.   She is hoping our choice of a nomadic life of travel comes with a little less stress and a little more relaxation.  The Airlift job was great for cocktail conversation, an exciting job with great stories.

Nothing better than lunch with a water view

Maybe her new life as traveling nomad will generate equally compelling cocktail conversation, with fewer stories of stupid human tricks while intoxicated.  No promises.

We have two great children who are now adults.  Caprial, who is attending college at Western Washington University after a year at Temple University.  Yes, we are retiring while we still have a daughter in College, thank you Washington GET savings account.  And thank you Cap for returning to in state tuition.

When in Rome

Our son Jacob may be the smartest of us all, or at least the most envied.  At age 23 he has embraced the minimalist lifestyle of the FIRE movement  and  moved to Crested Butte Colorado where he can ski over 100 days a year.  He is still working on the financial side of the equation but we envy his choice of “life” to the question “your money or your life?”

Commuting to work

Well, this is us.  Retiring earlier than some and later than others.  We are middle of the road travelers usually choosing a comfortable apartment over a tent or a four star hotel and eating in more often than not.

We will update this section as we transition through this life we have chosen.  Who knows, maybe a year or two from now we will be back owning a house in Seattle and working full time, embracing the grey sky of winter from November to June and complaining about the traffic, the housing prices and taxes.  And maybe not.


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