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The plan


The plan to quit work and Travel the  world.

I think the idea is to have no plan. We have been planning our lives for far too long… school, jobs, children and now retirement. Retirement actually sounds too old, too planned. Let’s just say we are quitting our jobs and taking the world for a spin. We have both recently retired. We sold the house and have been selling and giving away everything for weeks. Regardless, we are still have too many boxes and continue to ask ourselves how did we accumulate so much stuff, 33 years together and 16 years in our last house has left us surrounded by stuff. Over the past months we have been trying to decrease the stuff. We have 30 or so boxes stored in the basement with Kelly’s parents in Spokane. 3 trips to the dump, countless trips to goodwill, 5 postings on craigslist, and numerous friends and relatives now happy new owners of our old stuff. We need to reduce it to just 2 suitcases. Two 50 lb checked bags will hold our worldly possessions and we will be off to Europe for six months. Heck, maybe by the time we fly off to Europe on April 1st we will be down to 2 carry on bags, or maybe not. We will let you know.
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